From companies looking for “free media” opportunities in local news to promote their business to embattled companies at risk needing crisis communications management, Prodigal provides a comprehensive slate of professional public relations services. With brand positioning strategy as our guide, Prodigal staff plans and executes campaigns that protect and advance the business interests of our clients.

Vallourec Star

Vallourec Star retained Prodigal for assistance in planning, managing and executing the global announcement of its $1 Billion fine quality seamless pipe mill in Youngstown, Ohio. The announcement was extremely complicated; competitive issues required absolute secrecy leading up to the actual announcement. There were also considerable investor relations issues to be managed, including market compliance issues in the USA and France, as well as the need to carefully manage how several competing elected leaders at the local, county state and federal level could participate in the process and leave feeling satisfied.
Pleased with the complete success of this inaugural project, Vallourec Star asked Prodigal to manage all domestic and foreign media inquiries related to the new mill project. Our staff interacts weekly with European and American national media outlets.
In May 2010, President Barack Obama visited Vallourec Star and the company asked Prodigal to exclusively manage all communications issues for the visit. Our staff worked directly with the White House communications staff and advance team to present our client’s key message before a global news audience, prepare the company’s president and COO for the event and coordinate the dozens of White House press corps correspondents that made the trip.
Prodigal has also been a key participant in planning all VIP visits to the mill, from the governor to members of Congress, and our staff prepared the company President and COO for a well-received appearance at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. The event, which focused on reviving the economically distressed American community, was hosted by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and covered by national media outlets.


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