Taxonomics and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Taxonomics and the Entrepreneurial Spirit.

As an entrepreneur himself, Jeff Hedrich, owner and lead brand strategist of the Prodigal Company, knows a thing or two about how a business can start as an idea and blossom into a successful branding agency. Jeff is also lead writer for Cohen & Company’s Taxonomics.

Taxonomics is more than a publication, it’s an original word and philosophy that Cohen & Company now owns in the marketplace, meaning: “Rightly interpreting tax law for economic advantage.” It’s also a tactical expression of how Prodigal is positioning another professional services firm, Cohen & Company, as the strongest CPA tax firm brand in its marketplace.

In the spring edition of Taxonomics, Jeff wrote an article called Entrepreneurial Insights. In the article Jeff uses his first-hand experience as an entrepreneur as well as what he’s learned from writing about them to offer a candid look at what makes them tick as well as the lessons long-time businesses can learn from them.

Read the full article here.

Taxonomics and the Entrepreneurial Spirit
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