V.P., Business Development
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    Baird Brothers

    • Revealed that Baird could own leadership position: America’s leading fine hardwood products supplier
    •  Connecting authentic American craftsmanship with the Baird family story improves perception of product
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    Cohen & Company

    • Identified powerful position in the marketplace: strongest CPA tax firm
    • Resulted in ownership of new term “taxonomics”, which means rightly interpreting tax law to the client’s advantage
    • Resulted in productive business development vehicle, Taxonomics magazine
    • Resulted in memorable tagline, “Never miss an opportunity”
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    • Found a way to brand consistently across diverse product lines for the first time
    • Created unified internal identity across diverse business groups
    • Resulted in memorable and aspirational tagline, “America’s Productivity Partner”
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    Optimum Anesthesia

    • Re-branding and name change after results exposed weakness of former geographically limiting company name (Steel Valley Anesthesia)
    • Messaging changed to highlight newly revealed primary benefit of client revenue enhancement through back-office business support services, rather than previous focus on clinical expertise
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    Willoughby Supply Company

    • Identified the key benefits valued by customers that allow Willoughby to price their products at better margins than competitors
    • Re-branded with new logo and tagline — “Let’s nail it” — to reflect position as the best customer experience in the roofing and siding supply industry
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    Dearing Compressor

    • Identified common position to unite two distinct divisions based on common benefit of being most trusted
    • Refreshed original, 70 year-old company logo and developed new tagline to reflect its strongest benefit, “Fueling customer confidence since 1945”
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    • Identified common position and strategy to unite four separately named divisions, while retaining individual brand equity
    • Re-developed website to highlight individual division services while maintaining common brand position and aesthetic
    • Developed creative to highlight oil and gas construction division, merging the high-pressure nature of industry with most-responsive position
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    Madison County Hospital

    • Revealed two hidden strengths:
      • Affiliation with larger regional health systems
      • Positive perception of Emergency Department
    • Identified key benefit of doctors as spending time with patients, not credentials
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    Farmers National Bank

    • In the wake of the 2008-2009 financial meltdown, revealed that Farmers could own the valuable position of financially strongest local bank
    • Created new tagline, “Stand strong”
    • Contributed to growth in assets from $800 million to $3 billion, new acquisitions and expansion to new markets, and NASDAQ listing
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    R.E. Whittaker

    • Exposed weakness of environmentally-focused messaging
    • Narrowed messaging to reflect the company’s ability to own the position of most innovative commercial carpet cleaning solution
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    Youngstown Business Incubator

    • Research revealed that funders endorsed a mission beyond B2B software, which has increased fundraising, and set the stage for leadership to secure the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute (NAMII)
    • New game-changing positioning resulted in memorable tagline, “The future re-booted”
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    Eagle Rental

    • Effectively differentiated Eagle by identifying the area in which it had competitive advantage over its two large national competitors: personalized customer care, product selection and payment plans
    • New tagline — “You deserve a better place” — captured aspirational customer mindset and narrative
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    Salem Regional Medical Center

    • Results led to complete rebranding of hospital, including first name change in organization’s 107 year history
    • Identified optimal brand position of physician-led hospital, reflected in “Doctor-driven healthcare” tagline
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    MCR Services

    • Identified position of most reliable to unite benefits of being on budget and on time, of critical importance for government contract work.
    • Branded innovative, proprietary analytic tool for creating accurate estimates, “BidTrust™ Building Process”
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    The Covelli Centre

    • Identified position as premier networking venue for businesses to build business, helping Covelli to extend market beyond retail concert-goers
    • Developed B2B tactics highlighting business development opportunities, resulting in substantial increase in corporate loge rentals and contracts
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    HM Health Partners

    • Identified counterproductive marketing messages
    • Identified benefits most valuable to prospective patients preferring out-of-market care