Look Ahead, but don’t forget where you are: A brief examination of Modern Marketing

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The practice of marketing is going through some monumental changes, which is to be expected of an industry where success is heavily dependent upon staying on the cutting edge and constantly looking for the Next Big Idea. The rapidly increasing number of new channels and platforms available to marketers alone is enough to make your head spin. Advertising through augmented reality? How does that work, and you know, what is it?

It’s a lot to stay on top of, and more often than not, those in the field feel the immediate pressure to incorporate new (and often largely untested) methods of getting in front of their preferred audience. It’s stressful, time-consuming, and most significantly, expensive to not just learn, but master a new marketing technique in time to see positive ROI. It requires audience research, knowledge of the platform, and proper utilization of resources to develop a message and subsequent content for something that could fizzle out in a few years, but could just as easily be the next Facebook or YouTube. So what is a marketer with limited resources to do?

You do what makes sense for you, your audience, and your brand.

The industry changes almost every day. As a professional, it is your responsibility to stay as informed of these changes as possible and implement them as needed.

Something that we like to remind our clients of is that any amount of money allocated to a campaign that wasn’t properly planned using sound research beforehand is money wasted. A smart marketer knows what they’re getting into before diving in headfirst. A smart marketer has also done their research and knows their audience, and can use that knowledge to predict (as accurately as possible) whether or not the channel they hope to begin utilizing will make sense for their audience. Should a business whose customer base and primary audience have an average age of 55 invest more heavily in producing live videos on Instagram or print ads in a magazine that caters to the same demographic?

This may seem obvious, but as some marketers rush ahead to utilize any and all channels possible, they will face pressure to use some that don’t make sense for their demographic. That’s not to say that we’re discouraging early adoption of the newest social media platforms, wearable technology and augmented reality equipment. Quite the contrary, we love the new opportunities that the future will hold as we strive to provide high-end marketing solutions while also providing customers with a better experience with advertisements and content.

What we’re emphasizing is the importance of market research and not spreading resources too thin. We’re reiterating the significance of research and how important it is to know your audience and what media they consume. Some of our most successful campaigns have utilized both digital and traditional platforms, old and new media. A full-fledged printed branded content magazine when coupled with a retargeting campaign can work wonders when everything works together toward a common goal.

For some, however, doing both isn’t feasible, especially for small business owners or marketing managers with a limited staff, budget, or both. No one wants to be behind the curve, but no one wants to be wasteful, either. Things change, and people adapt as new technology becomes increasingly intertwined with our day-to-day lives. Do your research, learn from your audience, adapt as needed, and make bold leaps when it makes sense to do so. Just remember to not look so far ahead that you forget where you are.

Want to know your audience and your brand better? Our Brand MRI is a proven method of utilizing sophisticated research practices to better position your brand and precisely communicate to your audience.

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