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Forum Health Hospital System

Prodigal, had been the longtime marketing partner of Trumbull Memorial Hospital in Warren, Ohio. The partnership was highly productive and the hospital’s executive team was very pleased with the results they were getting.
In December 2008, our firm was selected to provide marketing services for Trumbull Memorial Hospital’s sister hospitals, Hillside Rehabilitation Hospital and Northside Medical Center; together known as the Forum Health system. Shortly after winning the full system account, the CEO informed us of his intent to file for bankruptcy. He wanted to bring us on, knowing our firm had the ability to use effective marketing tools to minimize damage from the filing.
The hospital system had been experiencing extreme financial stress for years and, at the time of our hiring, had only two options: close or reorganize.
Our research indicated a hospital system filing for bankruptcy should expect a 20-percent drop in admissions. Patients and doctors would have concerns about the quality of care and choose to do business elsewhere. If Forum were to face a 20-percent drop in admissions the result would be devastating. At least one of the three facilities would have to close its doors and the staff of 4,000 would experience severe cutbacks.
Prodigal recommended, planned and implemented an aggressive series of TV spots and public relations/news opportunities that delivered a message that the hospitals were in financial difficulty, but the business problems had nothing to do with the excellent healthcare still available.
Despite well-founded concerns to the contrary, Forum experienced an immediate increase in admissions after the bankruptcy filing and stayed over its budgeted census for the remainder of the year. All three hospitals remained open and no jobs were lost. Our work was credited with keeping the system viable during the sale process. A national healthcare company purchased Forum Health in September 2010 and immediately infused all three hospitals with much needed new capital.


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