From companies looking for “free media” opportunities in local news to promote their business to embattled companies at risk needing crisis communications management, Prodigal provides a comprehensive slate of professional public relations services. With brand positioning strategy as our guide, Prodigal staff plans and executes campaigns that protect and advance the business interests of our clients.


EnerVest – a national oilfield management company based in Houston, TX – asked Prodigal to develop a specialized half-day training seminar on how best to respond to hostile encounters in the workplace. The company had concerns for its well tenders and employees as they interacted with property owners, environmental activists, local government leaders and the general public. Prodigal created and presented an engaging five-hour session where participants were taught various messaging and media tactics. Our staff educated participants on reporter practices and effective defensive tactics. A video camera captured participants in various role-playing exercises and the entire group learned lessons from the critique sessions. We also developed a sub-session of the conference that dealt with the psychology of conflict, focusing on using easy-to-remember clinical techniques to immediately de-escalate a hostile encounter.
EnerVest made the conference available to all its management employees in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and we had a capacity crowd. EnerVest’s corporate vice president for communications was so pleased with the service; he provided a testimonial to be used in Prodigal marketing materials.


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