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There’s no doubt that you remember the days flipping through pages of magazines, searching for stories related to your favorite celebrity or browsing ads from your favorite brands. We grew up turning to magazines for the latest in whatever. In light of competing with the advent of newer more technologically advanced methods of media consumption, good ol’ fashion magazines still hold sentimental value in our hearts.

There’s no doubt that the digital age has forever changed the way we digest content. In years past, we sifted through journals and articles to find the information we needed. Now, all we have to do is ask ‘Siri’ for the number to that roofing company or even “coffee shops near me.”

Technology has even changed the way businesses communicate with their customers, and vice versa. Social media, websites and blogs serve as platforms where businesses can serve their latest happenings and consumers can interact directly with the content.

The question is now, how do we marry the past and present?

How do we combine traditional content marketing with the innovative Internet? Simple. We produce content that we distribute physically to some and house it online for others. Printed content is limited in a sense that the copies produced are the only ones that can be shared. Putting, for instance, a magazine online means you can possibly share with the whole web.

Magazines have always been a place to read fascinating stories about extraordinary individuals, seek advice from trusted professionals and to gain insight into topics of interest. And for many years, businesses have produced magazines to do just that.

As pieces of what we call “branded content,” these magazines have the ability to open your brand to a larger audience and interact with those who may not have had access to you otherwise.

When we approach our clients and potential clients, what they want most are tangible outcomes. They want to look at what we’re capable of producing and feel good about it.

Believe it or not, magazines are making a comeback. You read it here first.


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